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The Heal House of Iowa requires a valid and present Warren County photo ID to verify Warren County residency and to process your request.

RENT AND HOUSING DEPOSIT GUIDELINES: defined as money that is needed to pay rent or place a deposit on a housing unit.

The HEAL House is at a critical part in funding its Foundation that at this point of time can not and will not assist with the paying of RENT or providing a HOUSING DEPOSIT.

GAS/FOOD/UTLITY GUIDELINES: defined as money that is needed to provide transportation, food, and utility payments.

The HEAL House will provide no more than $10.00 for gas and that will be delivered in the form of a gas card or a HEAL House representative will pump the gas into the car needed for transportation to Des Moines.

NO exchange of CASH will ever happen.

HEAL House will provide a comprehensive collection of the FREE meals occurring in Warren County daily and the times and days of all the local food pantries. CLICK HERE for the FREE Meal schedule and the Pantry locations and times.

Please send donations to: 

HEAL House of Iowa

906 S Jefferson Way

Indianola IA 50125

Donations may also be sent to TruBank at 1401 N Jefferson, Indianola, Iowa 50125

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