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HEAL House has an address!

HEAL House of Iowa took possession of the new supportive housing and resource center at 906 S Jefferson Way! Keep your eye on the project as professional contractors and volunteers make safety and aesthetic improvements to the property.

How can you help with the journey to open? x Fundraising activities. x Consider monetary donations. x If you have a construction-related skill, ask how you might be able to volunteer time/service. x If you have landscaping skills and would love to beautify the property, please let us know. x If you are technically skilled, we could use help in setting up our office. x If you are a concrete specialist, the property needs your touch! x All flooring will need to be replaced throughout with a durable, hard surface product. If you are aware of a business who would like to assist with this, please let us know. x If you love to prep exteriors for painting, we would love your help. x If you would enjoy replacing the entryway deck with a safe, attractive alternative, please speak up.

HEAL House of Iowa wants to demonstrate what an incredible community we have. We can turn the property into something beautiful and safe while we do the same for the guests we serve! Contact us: Joe @ 515-238-4543 Jill @ 515-401-7351 Laurie @ 515-681-3616 Julie @ 515-238-2605 Angie @ 515-710-6140 Dorothy @ 515-238-2778 Please feel free to share this post widely to spread the word. The more people who are aware, the more hands will be invested in the mission!

Pictured above...Doug Shull, Julie Peck, Jill Houle, Dorothy and Joe (via skype) Gezel, Laurie Abernathy, Nicole Tenges, Angie Elliott and Father Chris

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